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  • The Purple Cowboy in the Wild Wild West

    Come with him on a journey to stop Bad Guy from taking over a prosperous town in the wild west. He will need your help making choices to get him from the beginning to the end of the story!

  • The Purple Cowboy and the Mysterious Sound

    Did you hear that sound?! Follow the Purple Cowboy to find out what it is! A short story related to our hero and his companions. A simple read for our younger readers.

  • The Purple Cowboy in Jolly Old England

    The princess of Blueberry Hill has been taken and our hero needs your help to get her back! The Decisions you make in this story will decide the outcome! Will you help the Purple Cowboy?!



Journaling is a great way to start writing! The Purple Cowboy can inspire you to tell amazing adventures of your own!

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